Character Edit

Personality Edit

Aurora is much less self-centered than Crystal, which doesn't really make much sense considering both her sister and mother are self-centered, and Aurora is Crystal's twin sister. She is shy around anyone that she doesn't know well, but around her friends and family, she is fairy outgoing. Aurora loves to laugh, though she hates how her laugh sounds. (It's fairy high-pitched, and more of an extended giggle than a laugh.) She doesn't like going to parties, though she loves to have sleepovers. Parties make her feel claustrophobic since they usually have a lot of people and loud music, especially the ones her sister attends or throws. Whenever Crystal is throwing a party with more than her closest friends, Aurora spends the entire party in her room. Aurora is also too naive for her own good, making her easy to take advantage of. No matter how evil someone seems, Aurora belivess that somewhere inside of them, no matter how deep, there is goodness. She is also a huge humanitarian and animal lover. Her dream come true would be to have more than ten different kinds of animals as pets, though she knows her mother would never allow that.

Appearance Edit

Aurora looks identical to her sister, though she never wears any make-up, and she always pulls her hair up in either a messy bun or pigtails, even on special occasions. She is fairy short for her age, at a height of only 4'9.

Fairy tale – Fairy Tale Name Here Edit

How the Story Goes Edit

Same as the story on Crystal's page.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Mother: The Snow Queen

Sister: Crystal

Pet Edit

Aurora has a pet snowy owl named Borealis (yes, pun intended). Borealis is Aurora's favorite thing on the planet, even more than her parents, though not any more than her sister. She loves both Crystal and Borealis with all of her heart, and she would never let anything hurt either of them.

Outfits Edit

Basic Edit

Aurora's Basic Outfit is an ice blue wraparound top, a white a-line skirt with icicles printed on the hemline, a pair of ice blue open-toe heel sandals, and a white slouch purse. She has her hair pulled back in two pigtails, and her bangs are clipped back with a crystal barrette (pictured in gallery).

Legacy Day Edit

Coming soon...

Getting Fairest Edit

Coming soon...

Thronecoming Edit

Coming soon...

Quotes Edit

  • "Hi, Apple, hi, Lizzie, hi, Evangelia, hi, Cashlin, hi, Alida, hi, sis!" -Aurora as she races down the stairs, Crystal's Storybook

Notes Edit

  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Star Sign: Unknown
  • Favorite Food: Vanilla Cupcakes, like Angelica
  • Likes & Dislikes: Borealis, Crystal, my friends, and <3 Hopper Croakington <3; Briar Rose and Daring Charming (He just does not get the hint that Angelica isn't into him! A girl has to stick up for her BFFA, right?)

Gallery Edit

Ever after high classes by obscurepairing-d78egwo-0

Aurora's Class Schedule


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