This is the diary of Aubree Thief

Enter: The UnderstudyEdit

I didn't believe it at first. I really didn't.

When I was told that Raven Queen had refused to sign the Storybook of Legends, I honestly expected to be followed with "and she disappeared into a puff of smoke" but Abigail told me otherwise. Raven Queen is still very much in Ever After High, and if anything shall be in detention for a while. And it made me realize something

The past 14 years of pain, struggling and heartbreak have all been...unnessasairy. I didn't have to go through the traumas of being raised by my idiot of a sister while my mum was passed out in the gutter. I could have been a normal, happy go lucky teenage fairytale instead of this...mess with a bucket list of traumas. 

And what hurts me is the fact my sisters still want their destnies (Correction, I have no idea what Autumn wants...and there's a rumour about Abigail frauding her signature) 

So I guess I don't have to follow my own path anymore! (Wait, what path?) 

I can rebel! I can talk to people outside of my story! I don't need to deal with this anymore!

So...does that mean...

I don't need to be an understudy?

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