As Good as Gold is a fanfiction made by JanaLoveFlora. Gianne Giant, Annabelle Tremaine and of course Glace Snow are starring in this fanfiction. A quick shout-out to SmartSkittlez, because of the story she made. It is awesome! It is an inspiration for this fanfiction. Thank you!


As days go by, Glace Snow discovers more and more about Ever After High. Will she get a cool stay or a melted day? She might freeze and melt, and every adventure she will have is here.

Chapter One - All About of RoommatesEdit

And now... Glace Snow is nervous because she might get picked to be roommates with a bully (she gets bullied in every school she has been. I mean, EVERYTHING). Everyone got paired nicely... maybe. Some got friends immediately, some got separated, just like this.

"Okay, Elizabeth Light with Gianne Giant, Lillithia Hearts... no, no. And finally, Glace Snow an Veronica Dark." Glace Snow and Veronica Dark has a warm greeting, but a cold ending.

Glace broke a lot of things that belong to Veronica. Like 10 out of 25 hats of Veronica and especially ALL of Veronica's golden brooms. Veronica got really, really angry at Glace, and Veronica reported her to Headmaster Grimm. Luckily, Glace didn't get detention. She and Veronica got separated. Veronica and Gianne switched places. Now, Veronica is roomies with her... cousin. And, Glace will be roomies with Gianne.

"Halloo... there! Gianne Giant and a cool roomie! Woohoo!" Gianne's first impression... L.O.L.

Glace found out Gianne is a totally fableous roomie, as they grow warmer and warmer together.

Chapter Two: Worst Subject, Best FriendEdit

coming soon...

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