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Character Profile

Parent Story Phantom of the Opera

Age 16

Alignment Rebel

'RoommateEaston Wicked

Secret Heart's Desire I just want to be allowed to stay true to myself.Why should I stay in the shadows and be feared by everyone.Why can't people see the beauty underneath.

My "Musical" Touch I'm able to put people in a trance with my singing.

Storybook Romance Status This cursed face frightens everyone whom sees it. If only they could see past the monster and find the beauty the lies beneath.

Oh "Notes!" Moments I can't hit high notes as my voice gets hoarse after one song.

Favourite Subject  Muse-ic class.Playing music and singing is sorta my thing.

Least Favourite Subject Grimm-nastics. It's not that I dislike sports but I worry about my mask falling off.

Best Friends Forever After  Easton Wicked, Evander and  Chuàn Zhù-xīng.

Aria Destler is the daughter of Erik Destler, main antagonist from the gothic novel "The Phantom of the Opera" by:  Gaston Leroux.

she is destined to play the role of a mysterious masked girl who is hopelessly in love with Christopher de Chagny . The idea of falling in love with a person she barely knows, then in the end being heartbroken doesn't sit well with her.She wants to rewrite the path that has been written for her and find her own happy ending.

Please do not edit without her permission or consent.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

Aria shares some of her father's personality, she is bright and creative. She has a hard time following through on assignments and often turns in homework late. Aria is also loyal and faithful to her friends and father, always being there when they need her and will stand up for them until the end. From her appearance people wouldn't guess that she is kind-hearted and loving. She feels bad for those who are treated badly and tries to make them feel better about themselves; since she knows how it feels to be treated differently.

Appearance Edit

Aria has pale skin and gray eyes.Her hair is ebony with white streaks.It is wavy and usually parted to the left. She is 5 ft 8 in tall.

Fairytale Edit

Aria's story is the Phantom of the Opera, originally written by Gaston Leroux. A version of it can be found here .

Relationships Edit


Aria is the daughter of Erik Destler.

Friends Edit

Her best friend is Easton Wicked, and she is also close with Evander Kherion and Chuàn Zhù-xīng.

Pet Edit

Aria owns a cat named Aimée.

Romance Edit

She has a slight crush on Evander Kherion.

Trival Edit

* Chuàn Zhù-xīng has a crush on Aria; Aria is unsure of her feelings toward Zhù-xīng,  whether it be a sisterly bond or love.

* Aria is distended to fall in love with  Christopher de Chagny, son of Christine Daae and Raoul Vicomte de Chagny.

* Aria fond of anything unusual or different; but she isn't fond of freak shows.


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