Quotation1 My Diary.. Please don't judge me because of it... Quotation2
Annie Tremaine Regarding Her Diary

Day One...Edit

Hey Dreaded Diary... I can't belive mom gave this purple sparkly thing to me... What if someone see's it, will they think i'm a total nerd... Well, it guess it dosn't matter anyway's, because everbody hates me...

Well, today was okay i guess, just, ya know, blogging as per usual, i swear Hunter Huntsman has a dirty little secret, he couldn't stay off his phone and Crownculous... And he seemed, awfully jolly for a huntsman's son... I better figure this out fast, my blog follower's NEED to know the truth!

Oh, in other news, i found myself singing some song i heard on my way to EAH in gym, i think it was called Roar? I don't know personally... But all i know is i was at my locker why my gym clothing in my hand, and i started singing "i used ta bite meh toung and hold my breath..." it was super awkward. But.. i personally don't care...

So, later Dreaded Diary....




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