Quotation1 I guess everyone has their days, but, mine hasn't come yet... Quotation2
-Annie Tremaine, acting like her usual self


A lone wolf in a pack of bee's.. if you get the picture. She is totally anti-social, almost every half-day of her life is devoted to typing away at her phone. This lone blogger isn't afraid to speak the truth, to her many followers on her website "" and through some hurtful rumours. See, the only reason she spreads the rumours, is because she can't tell a lie from a truth. She belives all the snickering and lies being spread by fellow students about her. She takes all things about her to heart, weather good or bad, it dosn't matter. Since she is the daughter of an ugly step-sister. Most people thing that she has to be like them, foul personality, foul look, foul language, that sorta stuff, but, fo course, her mother didn't turn out like that, but she married a baker... couldn't she have at least married someone cool??? like, she loves her dad but.. Couldn't she have married someone who would change what people thought about her parents? Oh well...

But, when you do get the chance to talk to her, she is extremly shy but still will talk. She is curious, but still, would never admitit.


Mother: Anastasia Tremaine

Father: Some Baker

Aunty: Drizzle Tremaine

Cousin: Darcy Tremaine

Grandmother: Lady Tremaine

Step-Aunty: Cinderella

Step-Cousin: Ashlynn Ella


None yet :(


Main: A long, lavender gown with a cute, silver wristband she got from Cinderella...

Legacy Day: A silver and gold "cupcake dress" fit with shining jewels and gold slippers. Goodness knows how she got it.

Lousy At Home Day: A cute pair of purple skinny jeans and a white crop top with a love heart on the back. (Without Getting Caught Of Course)

Mirror BlogEdit

Right Here!!!

Actual BlogEdit

Coming Soon

Theme Song(s)Edit

Demi Lovato~Skyscraper


James Arthur~Impossible

The Pierces~Secret

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