Anne Fibyan



Parents StoryEdit

The Princess and the Frog

Secret hearts desireEdit

To not have to marry the frog prince! I don't need to be swept off my feet, thank you very much.


Dalia Facillier

Magic TouchEdit

Whenever I kiss frogs, they turn into princes, like that will ever happen.

Storybook Romance statusEdit

I am supposed to marry the frog prince, but, just no. I am deathly afraid of frogs! Although Hopper is pretty cute....

Oh Curses! MomentEdit

When people try to scare me by taking me to the school pond.  Seriously guys, that was funny like, NEVER.

Favorite SubjectEdit

I'd have to say Cooking Classic. The best part is coming up with new recipes!

Least Favorite subjectEdit

Science, epecially during diesection day. I already am afriad of frogs, why in the world would you want me to diesect one?!

Best Friends Forever AfterEdit

I am BFFAs with Maddie Hatter! She's the crazy kinda chick that makes storybook life fun!


  • Anne is the daughter of the princess from the princess and the frog (AKA The Frog Prince)
  • She Is deathly afraid of frogs.
  • She is independent and doesn't want to have to marry the first prince she meets.
  • She is sassy and spunky
  • Her favorite way to spend time is having tea parties with Maddie



She is the daughter of the princess from The Princess and the Frog


She is BFFA with Maddiline Hatter


She curently has no romance, but has mentioned Hopper being cute. She, however , does not know that Hopper is a frog prince

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Anne has coco toned skin and dark pink, light pink, and lime green streaked hair.
  • She has red eyes.
  • She also has dark pink eyebrows.



  • Anne is wearing a lime green and hot pink laced bodice with off the shoulder poufy pink sleeves and green underneath.
  • Her skirt is poufy and has an overlay that looks like hot pink lillypads.
  • The underpart of her skirt is inspired by water lillys and has hot pink and black petals.
  • She has a lime green  necklace with a hot pink lilly pad pendant.
  • She is also wearing a black tiara with a lime green lilly pad jewl.

Beauty and the BeachEdit


Legacy DayEdit