Annabelle (or Anna) Wonder is the daughter of Alice. She is on the Royal side.

Facts about AnnabelleEdit

  • Fairy Tale/Nursery Rhyme: Alice in Wonderland
  • Side: Royal
  • Pet: Angel the White Rabbit
  • BFFA(s): Maddie Hatter, Winona Rabbit, Lizzie Hearts, Kitty Cheshire, Martin Hare
  • Looks: Blond hair that's commonly braided with animal charms, cerulean blue dress, lavender hair bow

Annabelle's DestinyEdit

Story: Alice in Wonderland [1]

(All situations are edited to match the characters involved in the future destiny)

Annabelle spots a white rabbit in a total rush heading down a rabbit hole. However, she soon loses track of the rabbit and finds a key hole along with a shrinking drink and a growing cake. The cautious girl selects the cake. Annabelle becomes massive enough to bump the ceiling and gets upset. The room is flooded with her own tears. She soon escapes and enters magnificent Wonderland. Annabelle again finds the rabbit who sprints away. After giving her (Winona Rabbit) a tough chase, she (Annabelle) finds Kitty perched in a tree with an infamous grin. Troubled Annabelle asks for help from Kitty and she suggests Madeline Hatter's help. The Cheshire girl soon disappears, her classic smirk remaining. After walking down the path, Annabelle discovers Maddie hosting a tea party alongside Martin Hare. She is constantly given riddles much to her dismay. Suddenly, Winona the white rabbit is seen sprinting past the tea party exclaiming that she's late. Maddie tells the rushing rabbit that her watch was broken. Martin and Maddie then repair it with jams and tea. (TBA)

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