I'm very nice, friendly, and loyal. I'm especially one of Monster High's biggest fans but I like Ever After High too. I love spending time on the internet, daydreaming, and being in my laptop. I'm not a girly girl and I hate pink but I'm not hateful, still, I'm not a I'm-the-colour-Pink's-fan girl. I get into a little temper when my laptop freezes at the same time I'm chatting with online friends and I also think there are others who have the same in common with me. However, when I was a second grader I liked hanging around the seventh graders, don't know why... Also, I like fashion but I don't wear much fashionable. I'm also a bit weird, to be truthful.


I have black hair and brown eyes in real life, I want to dy my hair but my mom says I'm way too young. I'm not short for my age and I'm not tall for my age either but I am a bit short, kind of mid-short(only a little but there are people my age who are shorter than me).

My Favorite EAH CharactersEdit

I don't really know since I didn't watch every episode of EAH yet. I'm guessing maybe I like C.A Cupid since she previously attended Monster High or something like that.

My Favorite MH CharactersEdit

I think I have a few.. Here they are :D

.Clawdeen Wolf


.Frankie Stein

.Lagoona Blue

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