Quotation1 Wait! I saw some lace in there! Quotation2
Angel attempting to rescue fabric scraps after an Arts and Crafts class

Angeline Patchwork is a student at Ever After High, and the daughter of the Patchwork Girl of Oz. She is a Roybel, for unexplained reasons. Maybe because the logo is pretty.



Angeline (or Angel) is an optimistic, bubbly little bundle of fabric. She tends to think highly of everyone, and is honestly too trusting for her own good. She was given by her creator the brains of amiability, learning, truth, and just a little cleverness, though people can change. Angel enjoys phonograph music, cartography, and anything green.


Thinking herself pretty wasn't a bad thing this time around, so Angel was constructed mainly from an ivory cloth and stuffed with cotton in all the usual places. She has short grey-blonde/ash blonde hair and wide grey eyes, which has lead some people to suspect her of being blind, which is certainly not the case. Angel's a little shorter than most students, which causes her no end of annoyance.

Fairy tale – The Patchwork Girl of Oz

How the Story Goes

How does Angeline come into it?

A servant sewn out of a patchwork quilt herself, Angeline was brought to life by way of a revised version of the Powder of Life that allowed her to age as a fairytale does and be all but human. Ozian magic is a strange and wonderful/convenient thing.





Dollmonique Coppelius is one of Angeline's friends, though whether Angel is Dollmonique's friend is yet to be determined. Opposites attract?

You know that kind of friend that you act disdainful to in public, and everyone thinks you hate? Well, Anaitis Neeru is Angel's sarcastic soulmate. They met in Freedom Year, and have been at each other's throats (lovingly) since. Ana often sends her quilted friend on all kinds of errands, which can get them both into trouble (see: Cathedral Cataclysm).


A glass kitten with gold button eyes and a complete lack of pink brains called Porcelain, for some reason. Her main purpose in Angeline's life is sleeping.






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Usually, Angeline wears an almost-knee-length patchwork dress (of every colour you can think of and a few more, like beige or something) with the sleeves folded up and blue fairy janes with pointed toes. Her hair is mostly left down but for two small pigtails tied with pale blue and bright green ribbons.


Legacy Day

Angeline's Legacy Day dress is actually rather similar to her usual outfit. It reaches down to her ankles and is of brighter and more vibrant colours. Her sleeves are left down and she only has one ribbon this time, designed to look like a butterfly. She wears orange socks with no shoes and has some yellow face paint on her nose.

IMG 0850-1-

Getting Fairest

Angeline's Getting Fairest outfit is incredibly simple, and is really more 'going to sleep' than 'preparing for party'. Oops. She wears an oversized purple nightgown that reaches her knees with two buttons at the neck. Her hair is let down and she also wears purple knee-high socks.

IMG 0846-1-

Mirror Beach

She hates swimming, sooooo

IMG 0847-1-

Hat-tastic Tea Party

Uncreative hat is uncreative.

Angeline Wave 2

Wave 2

*makes the ragtime music less racist by assuming Annie is literally made out of coal*

IMG 0848-1-
IMG 0849-1-


Something based off of Bungle.


Spring Unsprung

To celebrate the Spring Fairest, Angeline wears a short purple gingham dress and yellow leggings patterned like bricks, as well as a yellow shawl designed like butterfly wings and some oddly coloured flowers in her hair.

IMG 0866-1-

Sugar Coated

Malon dress because why not

IMG 0862-1-

Fairest on Ice

What even are sleeves

Through the Woods Angel

Through the Woods

I see your lantern and raise you gas lamp.

IMG 0868-1-

Enchanted Picnic

A crooked man lived in a crooked house...

IMG 0867-1-

Way Too Wonderland

How does her hair even do that?

IMG 0861-1-

Date Night

Not entirely sure why I bothered.


School Spirit

Guess she's a cheerhexer now or something.


  • Angeline is the name the Magician's wife Margolotte wished to give to the first Patchwork Girl, who was instead named Scraps.
  • Angeline's main colour scheme (when she's not wearing a crazy-quilt dress) usually contains purple and blue.
  • Angel gets extremely guilty when she suspects she has done even the slightest thing wrong, so she may not be the best fairytale to trust with your life-ruining secrets. *coughcoughPatchworkConscienceofOzcoughcough*
  • Angel usually sleeps during Advanced Allusions.
  • Her mirror blog is right here!
  • Useless fact of the day: Angeline runs like either Jennifer from Rule of Rose or Lana from Hyrule Warriors depending on urgency.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Period one Crownculus Science and Sorcery Magicology Mythology Chemythstry
Period two Mythology Dance class-ic Magicology Advanced Allusions and Cross-Cultural Reference  Geogra-fairy
Period three Geogra-fairy Woodshop Geografairy Arts and Crafts Hexonomics
Period four Beast Training and Care Crownculus Chemythstry Crownculus Experimental Fairy Math
Period five Wooing 101 Geogra-fairy Enviromental magic Science and Sorcery Dance class-ic
Period six Cooking Class-ic Hexonomics Grimmnastics Woodshop Cooking class-ic
Hextra-curricular activities Creative Fairytales Rose Petal Garden Club


Quotation1 Hmm? Why I'm a Roybel? I guess... Purple and red look really pretty together! Quotation2
Angeline when asked about her alignment