Quotation1 I pledge to bring spirits to heaven, then fall in love with one of them and save their life, then ask God to let me leave Heaven and go to Earth but still keep my powers I had as an angel. Quotation2
Angelica, The Tale of Legacy Day

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Angelica is friendly to everyone around her, fairy naive, which makes her easily manipulated, clumsy, which often leads to her apologizing profusely to everyone she passes (after she steps on their feet), and creative. She is a huge fan of the arts, especially drawing and singing. She is also empathetic to everyone's feelings, a huge day-dreamer, which often gets her in a lot of trouble with her teachers, and self-sacrificing. She will give anything to protect her friends and family, even her own life.

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Angelica has golden blonde hair that sparkles in the sunlight and brushes the ground when she walks (yes, it's that long). She also has big, sky blue eyes, which add to her image of friendliness, innocence, and naiveness.

Fairy tale – Fairy Tale Name Here Edit

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How does Character Name come into it? Edit

After the angel in the story brought the second boy up to heaven, he went back to Earth to collect the next human's soul. When he got to the place where he was supposed to take the soul, he froze. It was a woman in her mid-twenties who had been raped and murdered. The angel took pity on her and healed her instead of taking her soul. When their eyes met as he was helping her up, they instantly feel in love with each other. Then, he brought her home and went back to heaven to ask God if he could live on Earth with his love, though still keep his angel wings and powers. God obilged, and the angel went to live on Earth with the woman he saved, his true love. A year later, they had a child, and they named her Angelica Halo.

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Father: The angel from the Hans Christen Andersen story of the same name

Mother: A woman her father saved from death.

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Serenia, an Alicorn with a white coat and wings that are gradient white and gold.

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I only wear white and gold. Oh, and/or feathers.

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Legacy Day Edit

Angelica's Legacy Day outfit is a white goddess dress like the one in the gallery, shoes like the ones in the gallery, and a silver tiara with diamond embedded in it.

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  • "You're on my list for three years, you're on my list for next week, and you're on my list for never! Happy lives and deaths, everybody!" -Angelica, The Tale of Legacy Day

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  • Angelica is a MH/EAH crossover.
  • Birthday: February 21st
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • Favorite Food: Vanilla Cupcakes
  • Hobbies: Flying and Singing
  • Likes and Dislikes: Cupcakes and Anything Good; Evil

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Ever after high classes by obscurepairing-d78egwo

Angelica's Class Schedule