Angel White
Angel White Basic

Angel White Basic

Character Profile
Parent Story Snow White andRose Red
Age Almost 16 
Alignment Royal
Roommate Marina Nixie
Secret Heart's Desire For my twinn cousin to be happy about her destiny.
My "Magic" Touch None that I can think of, but one things for sure. I always have a helping hand by my side. And then pure grace.
Storybook Romance Status I can definitely say that I am content with my destined Prince Charming.  But it there more than that?
Oh "Curses!" Moments When boys swoon over me. I mean, too much of a good thing is never a good thing.
Favourite Subject Crown-culus. Something about the joy of succeeding a problem.
Least Favourite Subject Princess-ology. I mean, honestly, shouldn'nt you trust me to run a small kingdom?
Best Friends Forever After Winter Bear and Robin Red 

Angel White is the daughter of Snow White from Snow White and Rose Red. She lives an average life on a hill with a few destined friends.


Angel has white blond hair with dead green edges. She has sea foam grean eyes, and pale skin.

Fairy Tale: Snow White and Rose RedEdit

Basic SummaryEdit

Angel White is destined to marry The King's son after she and her cousin, Robin, defeats the dwarf.

How Angel Ties Into ItEdit

Angel is the daughter of Snow White and the King's Son.



Angel White's mother was the last Snow White. Her aunt is Ruby Red. She has two cousin's named Robin Red and Phillip Brother. She is the daughter of The King's Son, and the step-sister of John Son.


She has three main friends. Her cousin, Robin, and Winter and Treasure Bear.


Angel is destined to fall in love with her step-brother, John Son, but sometimes she wonders if there is more than that. She's also met a million charming guys in her day.



Angel's basic outfit consists of a cream colored, cap sleeved dress. It has a small collar and green belt. She also has a green rose purse and green chain necklace. Hero shoes are a mucky green, leather pumps with holes on the tops of the shoes with laces.




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