Quotation1 Let it be written, let it be done! Quotation2
Andi's introduction and motto

Andi Anderson is the dictator to be daughter of Hans Anderson. She is a neutral, for she believes that she can write the Rebels what she wants to happen, and to her the Royals should cower under her rule, so she's a Neutral.



Andi is an eager girl, who tends to be fast and efficient. She has incredible writing talent, but has the unfailing belief that whatever she writes is going to happen. She lives in her journal, and writes multiple outcomes for people she likes and doesn't like. She sees herself as the proper material for a monarch, and has a plan to take over the world. With her journal, of course. No one takes her seriously due to her fumbling and excitable nature.


Andi has dark brown hair that always ends up in a fishtail braid. She has freckles and dark brown eyes. She is unusually short.

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How does Character Name come into it?Edit

Andi is derived from "Anderson".



Hans Christian Anderson is her dad, and she has a good relationship with him. Her life is at school in her journal, so her whole home life is somewhat estranged.


Andi has as many friends as she can get (in other words, she is open to friend requests)


She has a bowl of fish.


I will leave this blank for now...



Andi likes simplicity, and shows it in her clothes. She normally wears a simple skirt and corset combo with an apron. She is sometimes teased for being old-fashioned, but she just threatens to give them a bad ending.

Legacy DayEdit

Andi, being a writer, got to wear what she wanted. She wrote a simple white dress the went down to her knees, but she wrote all over it, adding a strange but cool affect. Her regular fishtail braid is in a bun adorned with flowers and pins. She has smoky eye makeup and bright red lips.

Getting FairestEdit

She has a dingy cotton nightshirt with some plaid flannel pants.


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