Quotation1 Amy is very un-socialable and pays no attention in class Quotation2
Amy's end-of-year report


Erin Fitzgerald would be a great pick as Amy has a German accent, Erin has done voices for Spectra Vondergeist and Abbey Bominable.

If Ever After High got a live-action movie, I think Lucy Hale would be great for Amy. She has starred in the TV series Pretty Little Liars



Amy is a very misundertood person, she can be the kindest person in the world or the angriest, which makes others confused, she has 3 siblings who she hates but she loves her brother, she chooses to stay away from them. She is a very sporty person and always competes in the family races, her friends Dana Baudet and Kestral Malefica are helping her feel accepted and fit in. She tends to judge people a lot even though she hates when people judge her.


Amy is a medium sized, thin girl and she has maroon hair with dark red highlights. She has a dark tan skin colour, her hair is up to her back bone and she has red demon-like eyes. She has a grey peice and a white peice on her face which match her wolf ear colour. She hates make-up as she thinks it makes people ugly.



Amy and her Dad are very caring to each other, however her Mom hates her and is very annoyed with her, as her Mom is a wolf, she expects her to be all glamour, her two sisters, who are twins, they love glamour and want to be a fashion designer or a make-up artist. Her brother, on the other hand, is like the boy version of her, he is sporty and is one year older then her, he always protects her, and he is VERY protective.

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