Amelia Killer Hearts Story, is a a creation written by Ever-After-Girl for Red-Rose-Magic-Rebel-Wish.Here Red-Rose-Magic-Rebel-Wish's main O.C., Amelia Killer Heart the daughter of the "Killer" Queen makes her first debut living an incredible adventure.

Characters: Edit

Protagonist:Amelia Killer heart. Main Characters(Official):Cerise Hood, Duchess Swan, Sparrow Hood,. Main characters(fandom):Twilight Wolf, Little Jackson.(by Red-Rose-Magic-Rebel-Wish).

Chapter 1-{first,one}-The trouble catcher:Edit

Amelia Killer Heart looked the deep blue morning sky.Her first day in Ever After High.A new hope.A new world.Amelia was even sure everything looked better now.She smelt the clear morning air and took her first step into the school."My killer hearts... She whispered. It was bigger than she imagined. Suddenly it wasn't so perfect . Amelia stepped shyly to the hallway. Students were to busy everywhere. Amelia checked her "mirror phone's first day list, to find her locker. 102. Amelia said."ok..." She continued then as she walked with her eyes in her mirror phone. Suddenly, Amelia fell down.What my knife of the Queen? Amelia cried as she tried to stand up.A young handsome boy was fallen in front of her. Im sorry. He cried too. He wore green Tommy Storyteller clothes and his fingers were dusty. Amelia stood up and started to pick up her books.Its o.k. She said as she turned the other side.Wait!We didn't start right, I'm "Little" Jackson. He said. Amelia sighted.Im 'Killer Heart.Bye. She said as she walked back to her way.Jackson just stood here looking at her. Amelia found her locker and started to put her stuff on.YOU,Amelia Killer Heart trouble catcher!. She whispered with anger.


More chapters soon.

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