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Amber Owl

|- ! colspan="2" style="width:264px;"|Character Profile |- ! style="width:128px;"|Parent Story |The Owl |- ! style="width:128px;"|Age |17  |- ! style="width:128px;"|Alignment |Rebel |- ! style="width:128px;"|Roommate |Robin Red |- ! style="width:128px;"|Secret Heart's Desire | I don't my brother to suffer to the fate my destiny brings me. |- ! style="width:128px;"|My "Magic" Touch |I can easily scare people off. I don't know what's so frightening about me. Maybe it's the mystery I'm shrouded in? |- ! style="width:128px;"|Storybook Romance Status |Can't fall in love with some one who is dead, can you? |- ! style="width:128px;"|Oh "Curses!" Moments |Life is my "Oh Curses!" moment |- ! style="width:128px;"|Favourite Subject |Art of Death. It's so dramatic! |- ! style="width:128px;"|Least Favourite Subject |Crown-culus. It's the wrong kind of dramatic. |- ! style="width:128px;"|Best Friends Forever After |I don't realy have any friends, honestly. |- style="font-size:0px;line-height:0;" ! style="padding:0px;width:134px;"| ! style="padding:0px;width:134px;"| |} Amber Owl is the daughter of The Owl. Though usually quite quiet, she occasionally breaks out of her shell.


Amber has deep auburn hair and fair skin with dark freckles. The iris of her eye is a bright orangy-yellow, surrounded by a pale yellow.

Fairy Tale: The OwlEdit

Basic SummaryEdit

Amber is destined to scare the villagers who eventually resolve to burn her.



She has a younger brother named Cole. (TBA)


Amber doesn't really have any friends, she's a bit of a loner. But eventually build an alliance with Robin Red.









  • [TBA]

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