"I am a Wonder,I'll never ruin my Rebellious Spirit"

-Alysson's Quote

                                    ALYSSON WONDERLAND

Parent's Story:Alice In Wonderland


Roommate:Violet Queen

Secret Hearts Desire:I want to know what will my destiny and fate be.

My "Magic" Touch:I can bake VERY FAST. Yes,I know,it's like one second or one minute only,but it's true.

Storybook Romance Status: I just need a guy who is just willing to bake with me.

"Oh Curses!" Moment: When my pastries goes 'epic fail'.....

Favorite Subject: Arts & Crafts. I know,it doesn't mix baking,but I think arts are a spellbinding creation!

Least Favorite Subject: Princessology. I don't need to be a royalty to be famous!

Best Friends Forever After:Violet Queen,Kitty Chesire,Madeline Hatter,Bunny White,Lizzie Hearts,Raven Queen,Cedar Wood and Madison Hatter

Alysson Wonderland is the daughter of Alice In Wonderland. She has a light yellow hair,white-skinned,and has almost the same outfit as her mother. After being homeschooled for years,Ally and her brother,Alan, started to study at Ever After High as a first-year students. Alysson chose the Rebels because she doesn'


In English,Alysson would be voiced by Mia Wasikowska,since she has a British language.



Ally is a baking whiz and friendly. Alysson also like cookies and the color aquamarine.She's great in Riddlish,same as Maddie. Ally speaks in a British accent,too. She never wanted to hang-out with Royals,but never tells them in bad names. Ally has her bakery,which she called the 'Eat Me Cookie Bakery',and runs with Alan. When she has spare time,she reads cookbooks in the baking section,


Alysson has a fair skin,blue eyes,light blonde hair and red lips. Ally has almost the same outfit as Alice,only no apron instead ribbons. She usaually puts her favorite black headband with a bow on top.

Fairy Tale: Alice In Wonderland

How Does Alysson Fit In

After marriage,her mother had gave birth to both Alan and her. Ally's parents had did the usual thing to the both of them. Alysson's parents had decide to homeschool them,and its okay with the twinnies. But when the twins realize they wanted to study to a school,the parents agree. Like Alysson,Alan is a Rebel.



Ally is very close to her mother and brother. Espcially when family gatherings. At the summer,Ally asked her parents to study a school. They graciously said yes,and the the twins got to Ever After High 90 days before the school year.


When it was Alysson's first time to go to the Village of BookEnd,she meets the group of Rebel Girls who becomes her BFFAs. She has the same classes as thems,and even seatmates.

Violet Queen is where she is comfortable the most. They always hang-out and talk. Even though Violet is the twin sister of Raven,Alysson accepted her.

Madison Hatter is a friend of hers,too. She never acts much like Maddie,but acts like her when shes with Ally.

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