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Almanda Seed is the daughter of Almondseed, the seer and main protagonist from the Greek fairy tale: Almondseed and Almondella (collected by Georgios A. Megas) . She is somewhat bossy but is also kind and sweet when she wants to be.



Almanda is a stubborn and willful girl who is somewhat a bit demanding. She is also a bit of a tsundere but is also sweet and kind when she wants to be. Almanda is a bit childish when things don't go her way and is very determined for anything. She is also very shy around intinerant people, and can be a bit of a drama queen from time to time. Being a 'seer', she hasn't fully mastered her precognition ability, and can only see possible outcomes rather than the actual future.


Most of Almanda's interests and hobbies include bike-cycling, going outdoors, nut-collecting, staring into the future with her seer powers and constantly 'asking' for things to go her way.


Almanda has short, chestnut-colored hair (that goes down to the top of her shoulders), wide, yet almond-shaped hazel-colored eyes (haha), peach-like lips, and light almond-skin. Once again, I do not regret any of them nutty and hazel-larious puns because that's just me >:3

Fairy tale – Almondseed and AlmondellaEdit

How the Story GoesEdit

A poor man sees a black hen, tied to the weaver's, and hears a woman calling for help because her black hen has been stolen. To pretend to learn where it is, he reads a book, and she gives him two piastres. He decides to become a seer. One day, the king's servants come, asking whether the queen will have a boy or a girl; the seer reads through his book, muttering "Boy, girl, boy, girl..." until they tire of it and leave. The queen has twins, a boy and a girl, and the servants tell the king. The king, whose coffer has been stolen, sends for the seer to learn about the theft. In a room, he asks for almonds; the first night, he says, "This is the first", meaning the first night, but one of three thieves is eavesdropping and thinks it means him. He runs to his confederates. The second one arrives the next night, and when the seer says, "The second has come", meaning the night, the thief takes it to mean him. When the third thief hears him the third night, they beg for mercy and show him where they have hid the coffer. The seer presents it to the king. They then walk in the garden, where the king picks an almond from a tree and asks the seer what he has in his hand. The seer's name is Almondseed, and his wife is Almondella. He speaks of Almondsell, whom Almondella let fall into the king's hand, but the king takes it for the almond and its tree, and gives him gold. (via Wikipedia)

How does Almanda come into it?Edit

The poor man's (Almondseed) wife (Almondella) gave birth to a daughter that would someday follow in her father's footsteps into becoming a seer and assist the king in many ways.



Almanda's father is Almondseed and her mother is Almondella. Her father is the main protagonist of the fairy-tale where they come from and is a seer. Almanda inherited her seer-abilities from her father, and is currently teaching her how to use her abilities right. Almanda also has a younger sister (by a few minutes) named Hazel N. Seed, who is more skilled in her seer powers than her, but has no destiny. She cares for her family and acts completely different when she's around them too. Other than that, nothing else is known about her family.


Though she doesn't say she has friends in her profile, Almanda is friends with the peope who follow their destiny (pretty much the royals really). She considers her roommate Aileen as a friend... sort of... but she is friends with Aileen's cousin Kane and considers him her 'N.N.B.F.A.' (which stands for 'Nutty Nut Bestie Forever After')


Almanda, during her Legacy/second year at Ever After High, summoned a pet black squirrel which she named Paxi (which is short for paximádi; Greek for nut). The squirrel was Lexi's suggestion.


She is currently single, and is also available... plus, she's oblivious to the fact that her N.N.B.F.A. has a secret crush on her.


Almanda usually wears anything with golden-accents, brown hues and nut-based accesories. 


Almanda, for her basic/wave one, wears an orange-like chestnut dress (with torn-pieces at the end, for decoration) with a transparent piece and fishnet-neck piece, a dark chestnut-brown, short-sleeved jacket (that is down to her upper-waist), olive jeans (rolled up to her knees), with golden high-heels with two straps and a pair of straps on the legs. For accesories, she wears a golden necklace with a golden almond-shaped pendant with another necklace that has pearl beads, golden bracelets, golden, droopy earrings and gold-beaded triple belt.

Legacy DayEdit



Quotation1 Ooh, do you have any nut-based tea? Quotation2
Almanda while visiting the Mad Hatter's Haberdashery and Tea Shoppe; going over the menu.
Quotation1 Oh okay, I'll order some blossom tea with a sprinkle of nut-meg and a Wonderlandian-almond bar please. Quotation2
Ordering tea and a food bar.


  • Almanda, whenever possible, would make nut-based puns.
  • Her favorite colors are chestnut brown, hazel, and almond. 
  • Almanda's favorite type of food is anything nutty with nutella.
  • She has an Ask.FM account here.


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