Ally Din is the daughter of Aladdin. She is on the Rebel side.

Facts about AllyEdit

  • Fairy Tale/Nursery Rhyme: Aladdin
  • Side: Rebel (It is her only choice, she is meant to marry the son of the sultan but her father's the sultan)
  • Looks: Just like her father (in his non sultan outfit) except with longer hair.
  • Pet(s): Abby the Monkey, Raphael the Tiger
  • BFFA(s): Jenny Genie


Ally often nabs items from shops in the village. However, she is often scolded by Milton Grimm even though it is part of her story. The reason she has two pets is that Abby is her home pet and she got Raphael from the popper. Her roommate is Jenny Genie.

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