Alex Hood
Bored Alex
Character Profile
Parent Story Robin Hood
Alignment Rebel
Read more at Alexandra Hood
Hey Alex H here, this is my mirror blog, so, read it or don't read it, not up to me if you're illiterate or not...


The first days of school are the worst, at least I don't have to share my room with someone I don't know, that's a relief

Damsel-In-Distressing class is SO annoying, it's just princesses whining

Practiced archery today in Grimnastics... Sorry about the arm Mr. Gingerbreadman

Too much homework today... I'll do it later; I have a date with a bow and some arrows tonight!

Just walked past Che-myth-stry class there is quite the commotion, Frit come to Che-myth-stry! BRING POPCORN!

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