Quotation1 A penny stolen is a penny given back. And trust me, you have enough to give. Quotation2
Alex Hood defending her action of stealing

Alexandra Hood, is the daughter of The Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood.

Alex is a royal in the fact that she is dedicated to stealing to help the less fortunate

Alexandra Hood was created by Katanarama



Alexandra is very tomboyish, she hates dresses, and anything girly. She tends to be a very serious person, not really knowing when to enjoy herself. Beacuse of this people tend to be standoffish when getting to know her. Once Alexandra has opened up to people she is very witty, sarcastic, and tends to have a dry sense of humor. Alexandra is a pocket picker; some days she doesn't even realize that she has done it, and depending on the person she has pickpocketed she will either return it to you and have a good laugh, or she will give it to someone who is less fortunate.


Alexandra Hood has tanned skin, grey blue eyes that pop durning the sunrise and thick chocolate brown hair with olive green lowlights. Her hair is normally in a half bun and half loose ponytail. Because of her tomboyish nature she doesn't normally wear makeup, but when she does it's thick black or green eyeliner.

Mirror BlogEdit

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Alexandra is the first born and lives with her father Robin Hood, her mother Maid Marian, and her twin brother Frit. She is a daddy's girl completely, she always enjoyed spending time with her daring father more than her damsel mother. Alexandra and her brother are inseparable partners in crime, pulling pranks, pickpocketing, shooting arrows, and eating.


Alexandra doesn't have many friends but her two best friends are her brother, and Little Jamie , who she has known since they she was two.


Alexandra hasn't really looked for anyone special, she just goes with the flow in that department.



Alexandra's everyday look consits of a silver necklace she got from her first pickpocketing, any green shirt she can find and a leather vest her mother made for her that is olive and fades to brown and a silver belt around her waist. She also wears green or black tights with above the knee boots. On special occasions she wears a hat similar to her father's.

Fun FactsEdit

- The name Alexandra means 'defender of men'

- Alexandra is 5' 4" she wears hidden heeled boots to make her 5' 6"


Quotation1 So... are you gonna eat that? Quotation2
Quotation1 Must we call it stealing? I mean really, we're just, borrowing from the people that are more fortunate. Quotation2

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