Alex charming is the son of Raven & Dexter Charming. He's semi good @ spell casting, he's just waiting for the day when he gets his full powers so he can be a good magic user just like his mom.



Alex is a very nice guy so nice that you can be friends, but if you want to be mean to him, then he can do it back.


He has Brown eyes w/ red hair on the right & blue on the left making the 2 colors blend together in the middle.


How the story goesEdit

Main story: Snow White




Alex gets along w/ his mom & dad very well, along w/ his brother & sister, not so much w/ his cousin & grandma.


Alex's BFFA is Nicky Hatter, they've been best friends since they were babies.


Alex doesn't like Julian Swan, Damion Cheshire or Mac Thorn at all.


Alex is dating Owen Croakington, son of Brair & Hopper Croakington.

Class ScheduleEdit


1st pd.: General Villainy

2nd pd.: Muse-ic Class

3rd pd.: Cooking Class-ic

4th pd.: Kingdom Management

5th pd.: Beast Training and Care

6th pd.: Home Evilnomics

Dorm Room


"Magic isn't quite my strong suit." (To Lucas-->Wonderlandiful)

"Evil always wins." (To Rocky-Rotten To The Core)

"My brother doesn't like you, get out you freak." (To Cameron-->Horrible Reflection)

"No matter what happens between us, I still would like to be friends." (To Rocky-->Throne-coming)


  • He is apart of the Apple White story.
  • He loves red and blue.
  • He wants to be a good Sorcerer, but can't seem to get some of his spells right.
  • His birthday is on October 12.

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