Aleta is the daughter of the oldest daughter From the Twelve Dancing Princesses. She is one of four quadruplets.



Peyton List fits Aleta well


Aleta is the first born by 1 hour, so she is bossy and feels in charge. She has motherly affections for her younger sisters and dances ballet.

When her sisters aren't around, she can be quite crazy. She loves to party, and has many random holes in the wall that she covers up with posters of ballet dancers. She has a vicious cycle of clean ups and messes. She will mess up her room, but when reminded about her sisters, she will do just about anything to hide the spills and damages that come from a party. She then promises herself that she won't trow another party, but this promise is often contradicted by the excuse of a party supply on sale.

She has a good singing voice in addition to her dancing, and is a member of The Gleeful Ever After.


Aleta has banana colored straight hair perfectly held in a ponytail high on her head. She has brown eyes and fair skin. She is tall, and always in on toes, which makes her all the more taller.



She is best friends with her sisters and tight-knit with her parents. She is pretty well off family-wise, and is happy with this.


She is friends with her sisters, and has a very protective attitude to them. Her best friend is Alda Old, who is her roommate.


Quotation1 If this goes onto the MirrorNet, you don't want to know what happens next Quotation2
Quotation1 Okay, so in my song, I'm a girl who has bad judgement but keeps trailing after the bait. I guess that fits. I wish it didn't, but what can you do? Quotation2
on receiving her solo for Gleeful Ever Afters
Quotation1 One day more of being responsible. Then those sisters go on a vacation and I'm free! Quotation2


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