This is a program founded and run by Emmarainbow432 under the consent of our lovely founder, IEatIdiots. Here, new users can be mentored by experienced users. To apply to be a mentor, leave a message on Message Wall to become a mentored person, put a message on the message wall of the mentors. There will be a link on the mentors profiles below.

Mentor ProfilesEdit

Emmarainbow432 is the founder of this program, and a willing mentor.

Her message wall is here:[this blue stuff and you can see my message wall]

She helps in everything needed. She helps in formats, fanfics, and character development. She is always ready for new people to join, so leave a message on her wall!

ARCUSTHEGODDESSOFRAINBOWS is an admin of the wiki and a very open person to new ideas and people

Her message wall is here: press this little old button over here

ARCUSTHEGODDESSOFRAINBOWS or commonly known and called as Arcus, is a friendly user who likes to greet and interact with new people (so don't be afraid to stop by and say hi to her on her message wall~). She is skilled in template-making and formatting as well as proper grammar and writing. So if you need any help with anything of some sorts, just give her a message and she'll be helping you faster than you can say "Teatime".


Scary Fairytale Magic, is a user and mentor on this wikia, mostly noteable because of her critiques and helping actions. Scary,as her friends call her is very friendly and she loves helping new users or contributors. She is a respectable rules follower and she would appreciate it if you respected the rules too.;) You can contact her via her message wall by clicking on the following link: Don't be afraid to leave a message if you need some advice, information about the general wikia rules or anything you wish to know about^^

MeredithAgnesPoe is a mentor and part of the this program. She is a user who knows the works and understands the rules and is ready to help out a fellow user in need, after all, we all had to start out somewhere!

She is fairly easy to contact, weather its on the wiki's chat system or her message wall. And is more than happy to guide you on your way to make fabulous original characters!

Captain Frosty is a mentor. While she is not an admin, she knows all of the rules like the back of her hands and strictly enforces them.

Her pages on the wiki not only follow the rules, but they exceed all expectations. They are packed full of details, proper spelling and grammar, and proper formatting. Content may not seem like much, but it is very important, and will gladly instruct others on how to do it.

She can also be very blunt, and tries her best to be as truthful as possible. Critiques, reviews and OC-improving advice that you ask for will be very truthful and non-bias. She is always free and fairy easy to contact.

iEatIdiots is the longest-standing member of the Wikia and a proud veteran in the process of OC-creating. She is dedicated to the art of... wait, she's not very dedicated to the arts. Science is more her thing. You could probably ask her on tips for OC-improving, OC-creating and how to navigate this Wikia without irritating the admins and members, though. It's totally up her alley.

[is a handy link to my message wall]

Flamette(a.k.a The Queen of Obscure Pairings) Is known for her friendly personality and ready to make people laugh. She is very good when it comes to making a detail character (Fandom or original base)She also loves creating developed headcannon backgrounds for cannon characters. Also knowing interesting(obscure) historical tidbits

have a question for her?

Assistant ProfilesEdit

Piplupgirl123 is an assistant who's always ready to help mentors. She is energetic and creative, and will help in what's needed. She is new to the program, and is working on finding a mentor to help that's just right. She is gifted in the makings of characters, art, advice, and gifs.

If you are interested in having her as your assistant, leave a message [

Requirements To Be MentoredEdit

1. You must have an account

2. You must have been applied in the comments or message wall

Requirements To Be MentorsEdit

1. You must have an account

2. You must have been on this wiki for more than a month

3. You must be responsible and a good contributor.

4. You must get approved my Emmarainbow432

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