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Quotation1 A Heart Worth Stealing Quotation2
Abigail's tagline

Stæja "Abigail" Thief is a 2014-introduced character that is currently a student at Ever After High. She is the rebel successor to the Little Robber girl of the Snow Queen. While Stæja loves stealing and is very skilled at her craft, she doesn't want anything to do with a role she deems insignificant. That, and the idea of forcing someone to do anything, let alone a societal tradition, goes against her free-spirited philosophy towards life.  

While staying in Book End to attend Ever After High, Stæja chooses to refer to herself by her middle name, Abigail. This is because she doesn't want to have to deal with the “freakin’ insulting” mispronunciations and mockery her birth name is often associated with.

Parent Story: The Snow Queen (And a little bit of backstory)Edit

Abigail's Destiny Edit

Abigail is the eldest daughter of the Little Robber Girl, and she is due to inherit the family “destiny”. The fairytale is summarised in the link above.

Abigail is pretty much destined to accompany her mother during a nightly trek around the forest near the abandoned castle/manor they call home. They run into Gerda, who is quietly riding in a very noticeable carriage given to her by the friendly princess, and kidnap her. The chief thief decides that she wants to eat Gerda, only to be stopped by her daughter; who bites her ear and expresses how she wants to make the girl be her friend. 

Due to the Little Robber Girl's standing in the clan of robbers - or maybe just pure, unadulterated intimidation - her mother and the rest of the clan agree to her wishes. Gerda is taken to the clan's hide out where she sits around and watches the clan sharpen their knives and heckle each other over an open fire. 

At some point, the Little Robber Girl shows Gerda her little collection of pets: 100 pigeons, 2 wood pigeons, and an aged reindeer she has named Ba. Shortly after this Gerda explains her situation to the Robber Girl and begs to be set free, the Robber Girl reluctantly allows her to go, taking Ba as a steed. Ba happens to know of the Snow Queen, who has kidnapped her friend Kai (or Kay, depending on the variation of the tale).

When Gerda rescues Kai from the Snow Queen's castle, on their journey back, the pair meet up with the Robber Girl once again. What happens during this time is unclear, (Though Abi likes to assume there’s some sort of party, or something.)    

How does Abigail come into it?Edit

Pre-Ever After High life Edit

Albany Thief, Abigail's mother and the most recent Robber Girl to carry out her destiny. In her early twenties, she becomes quite bored of moving around every few months, and runs away from her clan in her early twenties. She decides to crash with some other thieves in a squat for a few months; and eventually meets an enthusiastic aspiring inventor called Yven - a former Irish traveller who decided to separate from his family to study engineering. Albany is attracted to his quirky and optimistic nature and they quickly become a couple.

A year or so later Albany and Yven have a child; who they name Stæja. The introduction of a child causes angst and friction to chip at their shotgun relationship. Albany doesn't really know how parenting works, and quickly becomes bored of her daughter. Feeling detached, Albany grows to avoid any sort of bonding with her daughter.

Meanwhile, Yven is left at a crossroads. He wants to be part of Stæja's life, but, on the other hand, Yven is committed to his studies at a local community college. In the end, Albany suggests they leave Stæja in the care of her parents. Yven agrees, alibet reluctantly, and they return to Albany’s home turf, the Snow Queen County. (Think Scandinavia).

Abi is left with her grandparents, Orchard and Bjørn. Whom, despite welcoming the child with open arms, seem reluctant to relieve Albany of her parental responsibly. After a few months of bickering and arguing, Albany and Yven skip town.

Abi is raised by her grandparents in their traveller environment, constantly moving through the Snow Queen County. Though, after a good decade of looting, partying, and generally being a pain to any people who dare trek into the vast Autumn Woods, Bjørn and Orchard retire to a small tree house in a forest in the edge of Copenhagen. Insert pun here. At this point Abi is pretty confident in stealing, and actively pursues kleptomania as a hobby.

At age 14, after being absent for most of her life, Albany Thief forcefully reconnects with Abi. Mainly because her father has fallen ill, and she’s after her inheritance. Albany brings along her second child, Abigail's half-sister Tyvainea, whom she becomes a lot more interested in. For the most part, the two get along and Abi considers her a friend. While everything seems all fine and well, Tyvainea eventually starts developing into a mirror image of her mother. Causing friction between the siblings. Oh, and there was some sort of traumatising incident involving a thrift store cat lamp which unintentionally drives a wedge between them.

Shortly after this incident, Abi leaves home for Ever After High.

Age 15-18, life in Book End Edit

WIP - just a heads up, this gets kind of dark in some of its implications and I've tried to be as safe for work as possible in summary.

  • Year One: A fifteen year old Stæja Thief enters Ever After High. Wide eyed, naive, and enthusiastic; she's pumped to learn about this destiny thing her family have spoken of.

Quite quickly she connects with her roommate, Narcissa Demonic - the daughter of the mirror demon from her tale - and the two become close friends. Sharing a love of raising hell, midnight feasts, and punk music. This also leads to them meeting Ada Nieves, a stuck up "bitch" of a princess who Abi takes a shining too. Very quickly the group become the best of friends and decide to work on a variety of musical projects together - the most successful being the awkwardly named 'Cursed Fariytales' group. She also befriends the Robber siblings, citing Sylvi as a close companion and partner in crime and considering Roran yet another plaything.

  • Year Two: Just turning sixteen after starting her second year, Abi commits to the role of the Little Robber girl happily - initially taking the royal stance in the legacy controversy. As she is more acquainted with her occupation as a thief, she becomes very attracted very quickly to many fellow thieves, and unhealthy crushes follow as a result.

Abi starts to gain a negative reputation with her romantic endeavours. Soon she starts hanging around with a...questionable crowd of future Jabberwockys amongst the comically small punk underbelly of Book End. Debauchery ensues, and Abi starts favouring reckless abandon, and all sorts of other questionable, and probably illegal, "punk" misadventures over her responsibilities and education.

By her 17th birthday, Abi suffering from serious dependency issues on various substances, is emotionally disturbed and most "importantly" (in the eyes of Milton Grimm) no longer interested in being a Little Robber Girl. If anything, she wants her mum.

  • Year Three: During her third year at Ever After High, Abi is mostly absent. Sure, she's still enrolled as a student, but she's hopping between a juvenile detention centre for petty crime or rehab. When she's "free", Abi spends most of her time in Book End with her father, who sets up a blacksmith/tinkering shop in the town.

Abi attempts to help herself through therapy and take control of her education, attending her thievery classes for most of the year. At least when she's not suffering from withdrawals.

By the events of 'Epic Winter' Abi has completely detached herself from the social climate of Ever After High and is focusing on herself, her sister and the few friends who are still left.

  • Year Four: Just before her inevitable graduation, as a result of the redundancy of the Storybook of Legends, Abigail prepares to return home to "lay low" for a while. Considering at this point has given her destiny role to her sister, leaving Abi is feeling very alone.Her grandmother is nearing death, meaning her role as her carer is almost at an end - as well as her position in the Thief family home.

Soon, Abi will be free to craft her own story. She just needs to figure out what that is.



Abigail is a misfit, primarily because she doesn't posses the social skills to integrate into proper social circles. Preferring to stay in the company of commoners rather than royalty, Abi seems to deviate from the use of manners, and is often blunt when talking to people. Speaking her mind first and thinking later. This is a result of to having a very isolated and cut-off upbringing; where manners be damned.

Her mood and approach towards people is dependent on a specific need or agenda. Abigail will be polite if she wanted to charm someone, flirty if she's out to try and "pull", rude if she wanted to intimidate, and so on. She learns from example, and at this point seems to be disinterested in changing. Why should she? The day she starts to act like an "ass-kisser" for Ever After's royal population is the day she dies.

Despite currently having a stable set of friends, Abigail has trouble with understanding emotions and sees her friends as objects and possessions. However, when she doesn’t feel that her “authority” over her friends is threatened, she is known to be quite relaxed, playful and considerate. In a way, she's rather turbulent.

Abigail seems to have a bad habit with stealing people’s possessions, due to her kleptomania. She often enjoys causing trouble around campus. Whether it be through stealing, messing about in class and just generally being naughty - even if she's not great with pranks and isn't all that good at subtly. As a result, Abi prefers more explicit forms of anarchy, arguments, vandalism, food fights, theft, and the like.

Abigail secretly longs for a stable and conclusive “happily ever after”. A structured path to replace her vague and convoluted "purpose" in life. To play a role, be an accessory to a greater narrative that doesn't really concern her. How she intends to change this is uncertain, though she has no problem being incredibly nihilistic about it. Basically, she's an angsty teen with attitude problems.

Eventually, as time goes on, she becomes less focused on this and more focused on "rebuilding" herself. While some aspects of her playful and witty nature do shine through, for the most part Abi is hesitant to engage with people and is a lot more secretive in terms of who she chooses to associate with and trust.

Interests Edit

As you would expect, Abigail really loves stealing and excels in the specialist classes she has to take as classes. She usually targets people she doesn't like though will playfully "borrow" insignificant things from friends. When being asked about it, she describes it as a weird way of showing affection. She has inherited her late grandfather's love of astrology and dedicates a lot of her free time to studying the night sky, particularly the constellations. This hobby is quickly turning into an obsession.

Abigail also experiments with a lot of musical projects, with a somewhat decent singing voice (though rather untrained), a solid ability to play the guitar and violin. While Abi's never been great with compositions - something she desires to learn how to master - she tends to spend her time performing with really anyone who wants to join her. For a while, Abi was part of the Cursed Fairytales with Ada Nieves and Narcissa Demonic; though the group is currently on an indefinite hiatus, Abi does often spend a lot of her time playing her music in the Enchanted Forest - at least when Sparrow Hood isn't around.

She also enjoys ice skating, and does own a pair of boots that she has modified into ice skates, she taught herself to skate when she was five. She has considered seeing if the school has a hockey team, of which she'd be more than happy to join.


Abi peaks at 4'9 in height and physique-wise is quite chubby. Her face appears quite round and youthful, with pale freckles scattered across her cheeks and a significant burn scar which mostly has blended into her skin, though its structure is still visible, around her left eye - though this is often covered by her hair.  

Her eyes are light brown in colour and are quite wide. She has short hair which is elongated with the use of hair extensions; when it isn't straightened or stuffed into bunches, her hair appears quite kinky with thick, defined curls.  

Royal or Rebel?Edit

Abigail is a rebel. Despite identifying as a royal during the majority of her Legacy Year. She changed her mind after being appointed to a heavy amount of peer pressure and general reflection. Despite having a love of general thievery, she began to accept that she isn't the best girl for the job, and is thinking about handing over her destiny to her sister-thinking this might actually build a sibling relationship for the two-which is something she's been dreaming of for as long as she's been aware of Tyvainea's existence.

Following the events of 'Way Too Wonderland', where Raven Queen basically made the Storybook of Legends redundant, Abi officially would hand over her role in 'The Snow Queen' to Tyvaneia. This leaving Abi with the choice dropping out of Ever After High and living full-time with her father - who currently works in a blacksmith in Book End.

Surprisingly, Abi remains a student at Ever After High, while her reasoning is often left ambiguous, and while she'd rather not admit it, Abi loves the boarding school. Citing its harsh rules and structure to be fulfilling something "missing" from her life. It gives her something to do, people to talk to and the possibility to be something over than a common thief. Perhaps an astrologer? A musician? Who knows?

Relationships Edit


In general, Abigail holds her family in very high regard, and would pretty much do anything for them. Even if the respect and love she shows to them is unrequited. She doesn't really pose a specific role in the household as any sort of harmonious sense of structure was ditched a long time ago, though she has designated herself to be the primary carer for her ageing grandmother. Despite her responsibility and title as the next Little Robber Girl, the family see their destiny as an unwanted chore, rather than a privilege.

Grandmother- "Grandmama Thief" Edit

Quotation1 No Grandmama...I'm staying here for the summer. Ma's going to be going out and Tyvie's gonna be...with her cult friends. I need to look after you. Quotation2
Despite being the eldest, and the child tied to the family destiny, Abigail doesn't really have much of a bond with her immediate family to speak of. She didn't really know her mother growing up, and was raised by her grandmother, who is simply known as "Grandmama Thief". Abigail and her grandmother have more of a mother-daughter sort of relationship, and Abigail adores her. When she is at home, Abigail acts as her grandmother's carer (despite the elder's constant disapproval of her granddaughter not being outside with her friends).

Mother- Albany Thief Edit

Quotation1 Ma. I need a word? You got time to listen? Will you listen? Quotation2

Abigail's mother seems to treat her like a younger sister, rather than a daughter. Constantly ignoring her eldest daughter's needs in favour of her own exploits. Abigail doesn't really have anything nice to say about her mother, and tends to avoid her. Mother and daughter seem to get into arguments a lot, especially when either (or both) girl is intoxicated. Needless to say mother and daughter loathe each other.

Father - Yven Edit

Abigail spent most of her life not being aware that she had a father, let alone a father figure. Fairly recently, she's been in contact with a romani traveller named Yven, an aspiring inventor who lost an arm in a saw accident. The pair get along fairly well, and Abigail is seemingly more interested in his prosthetic arm built up of various structures that her father himself.

Sister- Tyvainea L. Thief Edit

Quotation1 Tyvie? Don't take this the wrong way...but are you in a cult? Quotation2
She has a younger sister who is three years younger than her who is called Tyvainea L. Thief who is pretty much everything her mother wanted Abigail to be. Abigail deeply loves and worries about her younger sister, and demanded that the other robber girl would join her at Ever After High. Using the excuse that "Tyv is gonna be part of my robber clan, right? So she's got a destiny!" Abigail worries about Tyv's attitude and wishes that her younger sister would open up to her.


As stated before, Abigail is a social outcast or misfit. She tends to avoid any optional social events and will keep herself to herself. That being said, she isn't a loner and has a few friends and acquaintances who she does interact with.

Abi tends to gravitate to people who can entertain and excite her as this allows her to benefit from putting a lot of time into a person. Usually the people she sees as "not boring" are troublemakers, people who don't really look out for others when they are trying to have fun. It also helps if they have a sustainable disposal income to fuel her coffee addiction.

Once Abi becomes confident with a particular person, she may start acting quite possessive or over-protective of the person, which is usually the main reasons any of her relationships with people don't last very long. As mentioned before, to her, people are possessions and almost anyone could be a threat to "stealing" this person away.

The Robber siblings Edit

Abigail, Sylvi and Roran have a long-rooted history; considering they are all thieves a connection based on shared interests seemingly developed overnight. The three were often considered a trio of trouble, as they were responsible for a series of misadventures in and around the Ever After High campus. The three were fast friends, as previously stated - with Sylvi and Abi being inseparable and Roran and the Abi being inseparable in a differing way. Though, near the end of Abi's second year - and her subsequent breakdown - the bond seemingly fell apart.

Sylvi Robber Edit

Quotation1 Part o' me thinks t'at's really, really dumb, Sylvi...but part'a me wants in... Quotation2
Abigail holds a lot of respect for Sylvi. Her once-best friend and now simple acquaintance. While she's admittedly been distant, the seeming transition from being an enthusiastic, playful companion to someone detached and harsh. Really, she doesn't feel like she knows her anymore. Though she'd love to try and rebuild the bond...she's nervous as she doesn't know if she wants anything to do with her.

When the pair were close, the two were nothing short of a dynamic duo, they'd steal together, go on spontaneous road trips together - something Abi has noticed Sylvi has a fondness for...even though she really shouldn't be driving, and Abi would share her music with the robber girl. The two were often seen messing about in the Enchanted Forest, gossiping over coffee or engaging in a game of truth or dare...usually ending in anarchy.

Roran Robber Edit

Quotation1 Rory-boy...ain't cha got sommat to do? Someone to bother? I thought ya were studyin' for t'at fancy Univercawhatever? Quotation2
Roran, at some point, was one of Abigail's affectionate playthings, and for a while they were seeing each other in an open relationship. The two seemingly were very fond of each other, though, in typical Abigail fashion she became pretty bored of him and things kind of just deteriorated. Despite this, she admittedly likes his seemingly easygoing nature and has no problem hanging out with him. She'll even flirt with him post-break up and tease him about his various aspirations and affinity for books. Sometimes she'll be kind, caring - perhaps even loving - and a friend to Roran though on "bad days" she has no problem attempting to break him through a barrage of screaming fits if she were to be agitated.

Abi admittedly loved her relationship with Roran, and while she'd want to revive it, she feels as if it wouldn't be fair, as she is more than aware that it would be emotionally draining for the pair. She feels conflicted and confused as to why he wants something to do with her, especially considering she wasn't entirely a great girlfriend to him.

Narcissa Demonic Edit

Quotation1 Nar...NAR?! Oh there you are. I swear I'm going blind! Quotation2
Narcissa Demonic is Abigail's best friend forever after, without a doubt. She is someone Abigail will stick up for no matter what. Abi has a habit of being slightly possessive over Narcissa, getting jealous or paranoid when she is with other people. The pair are pretty  much an unstoppable duo who seem to specialise in annoying people and ruining functions. Their both sparky tenancies usually end in anarchy, even if Narcissa unsuccessfully tries to stop Abi from doing something stupid.

Ada Nieves Edit

Quotation1 Whatever princess, nobody cares. Quotation2
Ada Nieves is Abigail's closest friend aside from Naricssa, she enjoys the princess's company and the pair usually spend their time talking about music and teasing each other. She is slightly jealous of Ada's royal status but she usually just makes fun of her for it. The friendship, really, is one of convince as they often collaborate together and while Ada can write a semi-decent song, she only plays the drums. Eventually as the two drift apart, their bond deteriorates, though Ada seems to still want to keep an eye on her former friend, encouraging her to leave the house and give the whole socialising thing another chance.

Candy Wickens Edit

Quotation1 I'd honestly steal that girl some actual friends if I could, ya know? Quotation2

Candy Wickens is a close friend of Abigail, who thinks of Candy very highly and considers her to be a friend, even if their personalities tend to clash from time to time. While she wouldn't admit it to her face, as she believes it may make Xir feel like a charity case, she is very sympathetic about her situation with her destiny and often considers helping Xir with escaping, though the concepts she has come up with are very far-fetched and even stupid. She also has branded Candy as a 'loner' and takes pity on this.

She is also (somewhat) friends with Wickens' associate, Larry Esel. Though she finds him annoying and considers covering his mouth with duct tape when they are in class together.


The Thief family are notorious for their attachment to animals, to the point where its in the clan's nature to show more care to animals than to other people (though Abi insists she not a "hippy"). According to the Hans Anderson tale, the Little Robber Girl owns around 100 pigeons, two wood-pigeons and a reindeer. Abi has certainly cared for the current Ba (the reindeer) and seen the ridiculous population of pigeons loyal to the family Thief, she currently holds responsibility for two domesticated pets.

The first is a black woodpigeon she named Lille (Danish for 'little') and she has cared for him since the age of 12, though various incarnations of the bird have been in Abigail's care due to their short lifespan. The current Lille is the 4th. Lille seems to take a liking to being free to fly around Book End and Abi often uses him as a message courier - he is paid with sunflower seeds.

The second is a lop-eared rabbit named Bosker (Danish for 'boxer') she received during the animal call in her first year. This rabbit is mostly entirely white, with a patch of black fur around his left eye - hence his name. He lives in a hutch in Abigail's dorm room and is quite fond of broccoli, peppers and dandelions. (Though Abi sometimes gives him chocolate as a treat.)


Abigail sees herself as pansexual, and much to her own surprise, her sexuality is one of the few things she can be certain about. She grew up in an environment of acceptance and tolerance, she wasn't subjected to any sort of discrimination based on sexual orientation. (Though upon starting at Ever After High, which has the potential to be a mixing pot of differing opinions and views, this ignorance promptly changed.) Thief has a history of being attracted to people she is comfortable around, regardless of their gender binary.

If one were to be more specific, Abigail is heavily attracted to those who would be described as being "bad news" or just simply a "bad boy/girl/person", as she craves a romantic relationship filled with excitement and fun. Though these flings don't really last long and after break-up after break-up, she is starting to understand and accept this. She tends to favour those who can be described as a "loveable rogue", as she finds people like this to be more interesting and likeable.

That being said, if she has in the past developed feelings for people who may be differ from this personality trait, thus explaining her hinted attraction to Candy Wickens, which she has never confirmed or denied. Though considering the speculation of her being a "furry" (again, something she doesn't really explain or answer) most people assume Abi has feelings for xir.

Outfits Edit

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Legacy Day
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Getting Fairest
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Spring Unsprung
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Fairest on Ice
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Bewitching Hour

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Quotes Edit

Quotation1 No, I did not steal the crown I am currently rockin' on me head, Sir, I merely took it to a better home. That home bein' me head. We good? We clear? Now if you'll excuse me I gotta go. Quotation2
Abigail and her glorious inability to understand stealing is wrong
Quotation1 Would it be considered rude, to get up from me desk and threaten that little tæve with me knife so she'll leave me friend alone?! Quotation2
Abi please chill child
Quotation1 Upon all the things I have had to deal with bein' told, "No Abi that's illegal" is definitely the worst. Like excuse you, but everythin' about me's illegal! Quotation2
Quotation1 name's Stæja. Stæja Thief. And I pledge to kidnap an innocent chic, hold her captive at knife point and then let her run off with me reindeer...woop de freaking doo Quotation2
Abi practising her pledge for Legacy Day
Quotation1 Yeah but seriously. Who the hex would name their daughter Stæja? Ma that ain't even a word. Quotation2


  • Abigail was mostly conceived and written before the events of 'Epic Winter' and the introduction of the Snow Queen fairytale to the franchise, as a result the author considers Abigail - and the rest of her Original content - to inhabit a separate canon or line of continuity within the Ever After High universe.
  • According to popular opinion, Abi's last name 'Thief' isn't legitimate. Some people don't even believe Stæja is her legal name - who the hell names their child Stæja anyway?
  • Abi's birthday is the 1st of September 
  • She has picked up a habit of smoking in and around school campus.
  • She loathes analogue clocks, mainly due to her lack of understanding on the type of clock which is used throughout the school. She is very much dependant on her mirrordevices to tell her the time. 
  • Academically, Abi is an average C+ student. Mainly excelling in math classes, geography and the handful of thievery classes she has to take. She doesn’t care for environmental magic and muse-ic class. She finds them boring and usually texts her friends instead of studying. 

Musical Mood Board Edit

Constant WIP tbh

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