Abaddon "Don" Beast is the son of the Beast from the Story of Beauty and the Beast. Abaddon is the opposite of his father and is very shy and quiet. While he doesn't get angry often, though when it does happen he takes on a more beast form than usual.



Personality: Edit

Don is very shy and quiet. He doesn't like to talk much with other people, though it's mostly because he doesn't really know how to deal with them, being in a castle with his just his father for so long. He does want to make friends but isn't so sure how, since his voice doesn't generally get much louder than a loud whisper unless he's mad. He is also easily scared and tends to stutter when speaking to people. Don has social phobia that tends to cripple him when in large crowds or face to face speaking (unless Romulas is nearby.)


Don is very small, having not hit his growth spurt yet, he tops out at 5' (152 cm.) He had curly dark brown hair that goes just past his shoulders that he keeps in a low ponytail. He also sports ears, tail, eyes, and fangs of a beast as his usual look, though he will take a full beast form after Legacy Day when the story begins.



Don's family includes: the Beast (Father) and Samuel (Younger brother)

Friends: Edit

Currently, Don's only friend consists of his roommate Romulas "Rom" Shepard, who he has a major crush on. He tends to go to Raven for advice on school related issues but has a hard time talking to her because of his social phobia.

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