A slumber party is the 5th episode of School of Fairytales


Theme Song

At Lunch Time

Jamie: You Ready for tonight?

Alex: Oh yeah, you ready Rocky?

Rocky: Definitely, you ready guys.

Everyone else at the table: Oh yeah!

Julian: What do you think they're planning?

Damion: I don't know? But I want to go.

Julian: Yeah.


Jamie: This is gonna be big.

Alex: Can I come in?

Jamie: Of course! You can help me decorate.

Damion: We need to get in there.

Julian: We can't, Jamie always locks her door.

Damion: We don't need a door...

Julian: Huh?

Damion: We can use the air vent.

Julian: Smart thinking.

Later again

Nicky: This party is awesome!

Andre: Good job Jamie!

Jamie: Thanks.

Owen: Can you put on the muse-ic.

Jamie:(puts on Finally Falling from Victorious)

Owen: I love this song.

Alex: Me too.

Nicky: Let's dance.

Everyone starts dancing to the finally falling and other songs.

Alex: That was fun.

Then You're the Reason from Victorious starts playing and they have fun.

In the Vent

Julian: They're having a slumber party.

Damion: And didn't invite us!

Dawn: Hey Amanda!

Amanda: Hey Dawn.

Dawn: Can you put my hair in a braid?

Amanda: So people stop tripping?

Dawn: Yep.

Amanda: Sure come on.

Damion: Her hair is long.

Julian: Forget about the hair, we need to get into that party.

Damion: Let's knock on the door.

Julian:(glares at Damion)

Damion: Or we could crash the party.

Julian: I don't even know why I fell in love with you.

At the party

Jamie: Where's Julian and Damion?

Alex: Maybe they didn't want to come.

Jamie: Well I sent everyone invitations.

Julian: Jamie Croakington!

Damion: How dare you not invite us.

Jamie: I did, I sent an invitation.

Damion: Oh...I thought that was junk mail.

Julian: You threw away our invite.

Jamie: Don't worry you can still have fun.

Damion: Really?

Rocky: Yeah.

Julian: Ok.

The End is never ending



  • Alex Charming
  • Rocky White
  • Owen Croakington
  • Jamie Croakington
  • Andre Charming
  • Amanda Charming
  • Dawn O'Hair
  • Julian Swan


  • Nicky Hatter
  • Damion Cheshire

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