AROBIRD, a real life infj who is interested in art, music and psychology.

note ; i love my friendos.

personality Edit

i'm a quiet person who really doesn't like conversations, small talk is okay though. i find comfort in my own space and i usually doze off into a day-dream without myself knowing. people call me smart but i'm actually the biggest dumbass because i just. don't. listen. or it's because i'm tired and i can't be bothered to focus. i've also become very forgetful and i usually forget to respond to messages ;;

anyways, i guess i'm lowkey nice you know. i've found out that i can be caring and sort of compassionate, i just don't show it properly so i get called mean. like, i am capable of being some sort of a nice person, but that's only rarely applied to my friends and being fake sucks. tbh idk what else to say about myself ;o;

hobbies & interests Edit

  • art - i've been doing it for a lifetime, and i'm always trying to improve
  • piano - it's literally so fun
  • singing - still kinda insecure with my voice because it's a big oof
  • writing - i love to write my ideas down and turn them into stories
  • i like things that have depth and meaning
  • i'm a faithful bts stan
    • i also like listening to exid, blackpink, red velvet, 4minute
  • i like the sounds of hiphop, r&b and sometimes trap
  • hamilton is ART but i will never see it live
  • top - when will tyler and josh return from war

appearance Edit

black hair. tired mono lids. chubchubcheeks. thicc lips. a short asian with a weird body. i look pissed half of the time, sadly. ofc i wear typical all-black oversized clothes, but sometimes when i'm feeling artsy, i try to wear more vibrant colour aesthetics. tbh i would wear a coolass suit rather than a fancy dress when going to formal parties.

trivia Edit

  • birthday ; november 16
    • scorpio sun | leo moon | aquarius rising
  • myers briggs ; infj - t
  • hogwarts house ; slytherin
  • temperament ; melancholic

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my children Edit

Prana Maincha - 1/2 eahsona TBA

Meloetta - 1/2 eahsona TBA

Alto Lute - TBA

Jamil Starkey - TBA

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