Some information about me :D

Real Name : CJ

Gender : Female

Age : 16

Birthday : November 5

Hair Colour : Black

Eye Colour : Hazel

Fav Fairytale : Alice in Wonderland

Fav TV Show : Futurama :)

Fav Movie : I don't know. I have loads.

Fav Band / Singer : Sleeping with Sirens

Fav Type Of Fanfiction : Creepypasta

Least Fav Band / Singer : 1D along with JB

Least Fav Movie : I don't know ...

Least Fav TV Show : Honey Boo Boo -_-

Least Fav Fairytale : Like I said .. I don't know.

Relationship Status : Single


CJ is mostly a quiet person and is not very easy to get along with. She can be random with her friends but only her friends. Most of the time CJ can be quite sarcastic and stubborn.


She's been diagnosed with mild autism

She's not very good at drawing

She's not good at writing fanfiction

She has a habit of swearing

She has a bad habit of biting her nails

She dyes her hair multiple times

She is bisexual

She's been bullied when she was a child for years

She has a creative imagination

She makes up cartoons during her spare time

She takes a pad with her to college to draw

She gets crushes on random animated characters

She plays Animal Crossing New Leaf every day

She's a dog person

She has a fear of cats

She hates lightning

She's scared of thunder

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