"Memories" Is a R.A.Z.Z.L.E fanfiction and part of MeredithAgnesPoe's entry for Flamette's  R.A.Z.Z.L.E contest. 
Bronze 3


It had been a while since Ratty’s study had been cleaned. Thistle knew that he was one of the more organised figures in their small family, but sometimes his rather odd way of organisation would overflow into other areas of the house. She had thought of the idea of quickly just going through what clearly seemed to be unneeded paperwork. She opened the door and crept inside, knowing that this part of the house was his domain, and as a busy alchemist, he’d rather not be disturbed.

She walked past the series of equipment and headed straight for his desk, where a pile of paperwork with a post-it note on the top with the words “Recycle Pile” scribbled onto it. She sighed, and decided to do her partner a favour and do it for him. She then picked up the pile and was about to head for the recycling bin 

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outside before a dusty photograph caught her eye. She sat down the paperwork on a nearby desk and went to inspect the photograph. A layer of thick dust had covered it, so she gently brushed it away with the palm of her hand. What she saw was a forgotten memory that brought a smile to her face.

It was an image of her younger self with Ratty on thronecoming night. She thought back to her days in Ever After High, and the beginning of her love with Ratty. That night was the fateful moment where public society found out about the pair’s relationship, and responses weren’t very approving. But they didn’t care. They pair danced the night away, not caring for the stupid drama that was going on between the other students. After all, all they needed was each other to be happy.

As she was reminiscing, she didn’t notice that Ratty had come into the room. He smiled as he watched Thistle stare down at the photograph; he then rested a hand on the photo and turned to look at Thistle “I forgot this was here.” He told her, still smiling. Thistle was knocked back into reality by the sound of his voice, she smiled. “This was at thronecoming…” she said. “Oh, I was just here to make su-“ “It’s alright.” Ratty said, as his spare arm rested on her shoulder. “That night was a dream come true…can’t blame you for looking at this.” “Why was it in under this pile of unneeded paperwork?” She asked “I guess I forgot it was there.” He admitted. “I looked so handsome back then…” “You still are.” Thistle told him softly. “Trust me.” He smiled again. “Oh, but princess” He told her, “Your beauty has only increased as you have gotten older.” Thistle smiled. “We should frame this picture somewhere, so it doesn’t get forgotten again.” Ratty nodded.  “We really should”


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