.......Years had went by, Ratty had only gotten better at making and brewing potions, and he had become very good friends with Princess Thistle while she grew up, especially with her forsaking  most female companionship. King Botticelli had already given Ratty the speech about how badly he would skin Ratty, if he found Ratty's hand in Thistle's "cookie jar" as his king put it. Still, Ratty couldn't help but notice that his lady was growing and becoming an adult, not that it bothered him.

"..Oh Ratty..." She called out.  Ratty had been working away when his tail jerked.  Her voice sounding like something wonderful. Yet at this moment in time, he could not find the right poetic wording for it. "..Your princess, has come a calling.." She spoke through giggles, as she entered through his laboratory door.   

Thistle took notice  how his lab had changed, since last she saw it. Seeing he had a breakthrough, and his lack of muse was stirred again.  “...I see someone was hit with some inspiration....!” She yelled  over unexplained noises, that echoed through the room. 

He tried to remained still, but his tail jerked again and knocked over a beaker.  Spinning around to clean it up knocked over another beaker, which in turn knocked over another, the solutions from beakers two and three combining and then dripping down into the first beaker's solution which resulted in a great billowing explosion.

“RATTY!"  She spun towards the sound's direction. Her body and tail went taught, seeing  him fly past her, smoking. He was on fire.“...Oh...” Cupping her mouth, quickly following the smoke across the other side of the lab. "...You better have not, actually damaged something!...That could be fatal..I would be crushed..."

Ratty pushed himself to his feet right as Thistle ran in. Seeing her, Ratty shot up and part of his robe stayed on the floor, exposing his Ratty chest to her "I-I-I'm fine princess!!" ".. She give him concerned eyes. "Are you sure..?"  Asking as she reached up, to foundel his chest up and down."..Nothing is broken..? Or no internal bleeding..?"

He shook his head while his tail came around him to wag it nervously, he did this whenever she said or did something that embarrassed him. As he went by he managed to tie the loose ends of his torn robes around his shoulder in what resembled a long toga while he grabbed the various swabs kept for cleaning up large messes, literal human cotton balls. Working as quickly as he could, he then called a worker and handed the cotton ball off hot potato style. Once he was gone Ratty spun back around " are you today princess?" he asked in his normal awkward Ratyness, at least he was remembering to pause sometimes, helped the stuttering.

“Princess...? “ She moved after him. “...You know behind close doors, we have no rules. I am Thistle your friend..and a princess second...I always tell you this...“  She gripped one of his hands and dragged him to a chair, and pushed him down in to it. “Sit, I've got this..”   She left out of a site for a movement, but returned with clean bandages, and herbal lotions.

She knelt down,  fresh bandages in hand. Oh lord forgive me, he thought. All he could think about was that dream he had last night, at this moment. Where she did the same, only it was her mouth that tended to his needs, not her hands. 

Ratty blinked as he watched her, cleaning and bandaging his wounds. “Thistle..” He sounded out of breath. “ We both know...if your King Father saw this...”  She lifted her head, locking her gaze with his.“ A princess shouldn't my feet, like this. “  She shook head. “As if I would care? He isn't here, now is he?”  Ratty shrugged. “...Well...No. But. ..”  She sighed, and fastened his bandages tight. Before lacing her fingers with his, and pulled  his freshly bandaged hand to her lips.“..But,nothing” She whispered these word against his hand, stealing a kiss upon his knuckles.

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